New Program Alert: The 4 Week Gut Protocol & 4 Weeks for Every Body

Hey there! I am SO excited you are interested in the 4 Week Gut Protocol + 4 Weeks for Every Body and feeling great again!

What is The 4 Week Gut Protocol + 4 Weeks for Every Body?

You can check out a little about the program here: https://youtu.be/o71Ct6lWK4U

The image below goes over all the details and I will cover them below!


The 4 Week Gut Protocol and 4 Weeks for Every Body are TWO brand new programs launching together! This information is here to teach you about the programs, why there are two programs included in this launch, and what you can expect!

Did you know that 70% of Americans have undiagnosed food sensitivities? Even if you haven’t noticed your symptoms, everybody can use some extra gut love. Second to the brain, our gut has control over so much of our bodies, both physically and emotionally. Sure, I want to have a healthy gut – but, HOW?

The 4 Week Gut Protocol is a unique, comprehensive nutrition program designed to help promote overall gut health, as well as isolate the most common foods and ingredients that can cause gastric distress and undermine your health and well-being. Taking a month to super focus on my nutrition and track how my body changes with my food changes sounds like the perfect way to kickstart my spring!

But, what about the workouts? That’s where 4 Weeks for Every Body comes in! Yes, you could totally choose to focus on meal prep, clean eating and gut health for 4 weeks – amazing! But exercise is recommended when you take on 4 Week Gut Protocol, it shouldn’t be so rigorous that it interferes with your body’s work in helping your gut.

You’ll need a pair of dumbbells, and a core ball is recommended. For the optional cycling workouts, you’ll need a stationary bike.

Who is Autumn Calabrese?

Autumn Calabrese is the creator of 4 Weeks for Every Body, 9 Week Control Freak, 21 Day Fix, and other fitness programs, as well as nutrition programs The 4 Week Gut Protocol and the breakthrough weight-loss system Portion Fix.

A bestselling author of Lose Weight Like Crazy Even if You Have A Crazy Life and host of the FIXATE cooking show, she’s an IIN-certified holistic health coach and has held certifications from NASM and AFPA.

Autumn is also no stranger to tummy troubles. She’s struggled with the issue over the years — but after much trial and error and working closely with her doctor, she’s finally learned how to uncover her “food sensitivities.” And now you can, too.

Combining her firsthand experience and expertise, Autumn found a way to tackle her physically and emotionally challenging gastrointestinal issues while tying in a workout schedule that’s easy to follow and easy on the joints.

When Can I Start?
 FEBRUARY 28th: 
Sample Workout Available

 MARCH 15th: Coach, Preferred Customer + Customer Early Access Launch

 MARCH 21st: Test Group Day 1 

What does it mean to be a coach or preferred customer? There are NO purchase or sales requirements for this option – you never have to coach anyone but yourself! This option just allows you to purchase earlier and get 25% off future orders! You can cancel anytime! If you sign up for the coaching option, you can earn commission too!

What equipment is required?
You’ll need a pair of dumbbells, and a core ball is recommended. For the optional cycling workouts, you’ll need a stationary bike.

What is the nutrition plan like?
4 Week Gut Protocol includes 4 getting started videos and a new focus video added each week, for a total of 8 guided nutrition lessons with Autumn Calabrese! The program also includes grocery lists, recipe ideas, meal plans, snack guides, and a reintroduction video to carry you after the 30 days of the program and beyond!

What support will I have?

I cannot wait to start this test group with you! This program is about helping to heal your gut so that you can improve your overall health… and I’ll be with you every step of the way. My groups are on our own app, so you don’t get distracted by social media – plus you can track your workouts and progress right in the app!

Every day, we will check in with each other. We will share motivation, recipes, tips, and more. It is a great place to ask questions, brainstorm + get ideas, and just enjoy the community and connection with like-minded people!

What packages are there?

For New Customers:

For Existing BOD Members:

I definitely recommend the Autumn’s Choice Total Solutions Pack. Revitalize is a blend of pro- and prebiotics which help support beneficial flora in the digestive tract, while Optimize is a proprietary blend of enzymes, with added camu-camu, to help support nutrient absorption and bioavailability. Basically… 2 supplements that can be super helpful to healing your gut!

My favorite add ons:

Energize is approved in the program – and will help you get through any slump – or pump you up for your workout!

Ready to heal your gut? Fill out the order form HERE and I will hold your spot in the group! This form will not charge you, it is just so I can create your order when they are available! If you change your mind after filling out the form, feel free to fill it out again! I will create an order for you based on the last time you fill it out! I will be in touch on March 15th to get you set up!

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