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Fire & Flow Super Trainer Quiz

May 2022 RYEL Fire & Flow quiz PDF

2022 is the year that I have decided to be GOOD to myself. There have been so many distractions in my life lately, and I realize without good intentions, I will almost always put myself last. Well, no more! I have too much to live for and want to be strong and healthy as I do it! I want to give the best version of myself to everyone in my life!

But, what does being good to myself look like? How much time will it actually take? How much does it cost? Can I really DO this?

Well, for me, the short answers are clean nutrition, daily movement, and community. 20-30 minutes. And it doesn’t cost as much as you think!

And… YES, of course you can do this! In fact, I want to show you that you can do it this week with a fun guide featuring my super trainers Elise Joan and Jericho Matthews. These two are teaming up with a brand new program that drops in May but I want to share a little more about them and share some free workouts for you to meet them both!

Take the quiz below to see which trainer is for you, then click on their picture to get a taste of their workout style!

Want more info on Fire + Flow? 

Send “FIRE AND FLOW” to for all the details!

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