Up for the Challenge?

My next challenge will be beginning soon! The 30 day challenge is exactly what you need to change your life. The hardest part of sticking with your workout plan and diet is doing it alone. With the challenge, you are part of a closed Facebook group with other people in the same situation as you from the comfort of your own home. When you feel like skipping a workout, we are there for you. When you want to eat a huge chocolate donut, we are there for you. It’s so simple.

Here are the requirements:

1. Workout with one of the many Beachbody programs (I’ll help you find one that will work best for you!)

2. Drink Shakeology daily

3. Participate daily in the closed Facebook group for accountability and motivation

4. Succeed!

That’s it! Stop the yo-yo. Stop falling off the wagon. Let’s do this!!

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