Hey there! My name is Nicole Pope. My goal is to share my third weight loss journey with you and my journey to keep it off. Yes, I’ve already done this twice. I had my son in May of 2013 right after having my first transformation when I lost 20 pounds and about 15″ total. Then, my daughter was born in September of 2019. Yes, I am still on the journey to get rid of the extra “baby weight.” Or pandemic weight. Or stress weight… you know, all the things.

I’ve learned a lot along the way and try learn something new every single day. This is my place to share those thing with you. It will mostly be health and fitness based, but I may throw in a few personal posts here and there to help you get to know me. I love sharing healthy recipes too because I LOVE food!


In a nutshell, I am just your normal every day woman. I am a wife, mom of four (2 humans, 2 canines), virtual assistant and social marketer. I love tacos, gangsta rap, yummy cocktails, craft beers, trying new recipes and working out. I don’t claim to know everything. I have a lot to learn. I am not perfect. I had a life-changing experience when I joined my first online accountability group. I lost pounds and inches and gained confidence and health. My goal ever since then has been to help others with their journey.

My view is that our journeys are all different. I don’t believe in cutting out food groups or living life in deprivation. I believe that you have to find what works for you and that might take some trial and error. Life is meant to be LIVED not dieted away. Health is meant to be overall – from the inside out – mental, skin health, joint, metabolic, hormone, emotional, social, spiritual… and any other health you can think of. It is all important.

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