I Have No Time.

The one thing that I hate to hear is that there is no time to do something. There IS time. You just haven’t found it yet.


While doing a little personal development reading, I was given a little task. First, I wrote down all of my goals for the year – whether it was personal, physical, financial, business-related, etc. Then, I wrote down my typical daily schedule and how long I took to do those things. When I looked at the rundown of my day and how long I spent, I was astonished. My goals list and my daily tasks did not match up at all! For example, let’s say one of my goals was to become a better blogger, but I didn’t spend much time working on content. That doesn’t align with my goals, right? If I want to become a better blogger, I need to spend more time blogging! It seems so simple, but yet was something I said I couldn’t find time to do.

I started knocking out things that didn’t align with my goals. One of my goals was to get in better shape, so I started working out more and stopped playing on Facebook as long. I spent more time multi-tasking. If I “needed” to watch a certain show, I would sit with my laptop or iPad in hand and write while I watched.

So when I hear people say they don’t have time for something, it makes me wonder if they really don’t have time or if they just spend the time they do have on those things that don’t align with their goals. Seriously, take a minute to write down your goals and then everything you do in a typical day and how long everything takes you. How long do you work per day? How long does food prep and eating take? How long do you sleep? How long do you watch TV? I literally want you to write out an entire 24 hour day. BE HONEST with yourself. No one else is going to see this. Do they match up? What can you cut out or cut down on to give yourself the time you need to accomplish your goals?

Now, since this is a fitness blog, you know this part is coming. The most common complaint I hear is that there is just no time to workout. I hear you. I totally understand that it can seem like it’s impossible. However, it isn’t impossible. Sure, it’s going to take making some adjustments to your current schedule. You certainly will find days when you just don’t think it will fit. You need to remind yourself that if you want to get fit and healthy, you aren’t going to do it by making excuses. Look at your schedule and try to figure out how you can fit it in. Set an appointment for yourself to workout. If you have a set time to do it every day, you are more likely to stick to it. That plan will get thwarted on occasion. But don’t worry. Just schedule a back up plan. I, personally, wake up early to get my workout done. I do it before my brain knows I am doing it. That may not work for you. I have a baby, a full-time job that sometimes has me working 60+ hours a week, a Beachbody business, and of course all of the other typical things people do in a day, like eating, cleaning and sleeping. So I understand busy. That is what works for ME. It may not work for you. I have a friend who is a stay at home mom of one-year-old twins. I can’t even imagine!!! Yet, she still finds time to workout. I’m not saying. I’m just saying.

Still, you may not be able to find that time right now. So tonight, I want to challenge you to do a little extra. Maybe today was that day that you just needed that extra 30 minutes of sleep and you hit snooze and missed your morning workout.  Maybe traffic was bad on the way home and you didn’t make it to the gym before you had to pick your kids up from day care. Maybe you never had a plan to workout. Whatever. This little challenge is something I want you to do every night for a week. Then you have to promise to let me know how you feel at the end of the week.

There are around 7 commercial breaks in one hour long TV program. While you are sitting on your butt watching one tonight, I want you to get up and move on the commercial breaks. If you DVR the show, don’t fast forward. Just let it play. Here are some simple moves that can help you get in your workout and not have to change your schedule at all!

TV Break 1: 10 Push ups, 25 crunches

TV Break 2: 10 chair/tricep dips, 10 burpees

TV Break 3: 10 squats, 25 reverse crunches

TV Break 4: 20 lunges (10 on each leg), 20 jumping jacks

TV Break 5: 10 Push ups, 25 crunches

TV Break 6: 10 chair/tricep dips, 10 burpees

TV Break 7: 10 squats, 25 reverse crunches

End of show: 20 lunges (10 on each leg), 20 jumping jacks

As you get better, you can increase the number of reps for the moves to fill the full commercial break. So what do you think? Do you think you can make that one simple change in your life? It’s time to get healthy once and for all. Let’s do this!!

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