Status Update: Half30

I really failed the Half30 this week. But, let me put this in perspective.

  1. I didn’t eat junk.
  2. I didn’t overeat.
  3. I didn’t do a written meal plan.

So with all of that said, in the grand scheme of things, I didn’t really fail. I just didn’t stick to my Half30 plan. And I didn’t really write out a plan anyway, which is probably why I failed. I had both dairy and grains. Minimal portions, but a portion nonetheless.

So there’s that. Now, here are some fun facts about me since finishing the Ultimate Reset at the end of January.

  1. I am up 2 pounds since then.
  2. I am down 1.5″ in my waist since then.

Proof that the scale sucks ass and should ever be trusted. I look better. My clothes are fitting better. I can tell my legs have gotten stronger because when I am teaching Insanity LIVE, I can jump higher than ever before and I tire out less quickly.

So there are some wins and some losses. Now, what am I going to do about it for this week? I’m going to make a damn written meal plan. That’s what. I spent last week trying to eat up the leftovers in my fridge so that I wasn’t wasting food. I HATE wasting food. More than I hate crappy beer. And that’s a lot. Now that the fridge is cleared out for the most part, I will be hitting the grocery store tomorrow and getting my meal plan ready so I have an actual plan to look at and follow. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

I did try out a new recipe for sweet potato brownies. I will just say this. I won’t be making them again. So no sharing of that recipe.

The headmistress of the Whole30 would probably slap my hand with a ruler and make me start over. But this isn’t her journey. It is mine. I choose to just get back on the horse and keep on keeping on right where I am. I do know this – my body does not react well to gluten. So aside from the occasional beer, I am pretty sure I will be working to eliminate that from my diet most days. Dairy seems to be ok though. Yay cheese!

There’s your short but sweet update on my Half30 journey. Here’s to the coming week! Bring it on.

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