15 Gut-Friendly Recipes + Daily Gut Health Tracker

I’m so glad you’re here to grab 15 gut-friendly recipes! Before I hand those over to you, though, I’m just gonna go ahead and answer the obvious because if you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering…

What the heck does “gut health” even mean?

Before I knew anything about gut health, I felt like it was such a “buzzword” type phrase and probably just another fad diet everyone would be joining in on soon. But truthfully, it has completely changed my mindset around my overall health and wellness and for that, I’m so grateful!

You may think that your “gut” just refers to all the parts of the gastrointestinal tract, but it’s really responsible for so much more – Your immune system, brain, heart, mental wellness, sleep, digestion, and even warding off autoimmune diseases.

Typical signs of having an unhealthy gut include a frequent upset stomach, fatigue, trouble sleeping, extreme sugar cravings, migraines, skin irritations, abnormal bloat, gas, and bowel movements, or even frequent mood changes.

These 15 recipes will get you started cleaning your gut and ultimately feeling better from the inside out. I’ve also included a special bonus – A daily gut health tracker! Cleaning your gut starts by being aware of the food you’re consuming and the symptoms you’re experiencing from those foods.

If we know what makes us feel good, wouldn’t we want to be doing more of that?

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