New Program Alert: Fire + Flow

Are you ready to be good to yourself? I cannot wait to give you all the details on this new program that is designed to help you do just that, while taking the stress and frustration out of fitness, nutrition, and self-care. Two of my favorite super trainers – Elise Joan and Jericho McMathews – have teamed up to bring us… Fire and Flow!

What is Fire and Flow?

You can check out a little about the program here: https://vimeo.com/663517275

The image below goes over all the details and I will cover them below!


🔥🌊Fire and Flow combines HIIT training and strength circuits with resistance training, yoga, and mindfulness practices for a 6-day a week program that is going to redefine the way you take care of yourself. 

🔥🌊You won’t feel like you’re spending hours on your fitness, with just 20-30 minutes a day. The program is 4 weeks long, with workouts scheduled 6 days a week.

🔥🌊3 of your weekly workouts will be with Jericho – her FIRE workouts emphasize metabolic conditioning and help increase metabolism. I love her approach to strength and cardio training; she’s going to help you sculpt lean muscle for some amazing definition, all while burning serious calories.

🔥🌊Your other 3 workouts will be with Elise; her FLOW workouts focus on active recovery, mobility, stability, and core strength. She is going to guide you through a series of slow and controlled movements… but don’t think slow means easy! These workouts will challenge you physically, while providing the mindfulness that helps you release tension in your body and relax your mind. 

🔥🌊The program includes a modifier and an amplifier… so, no matter your fitness level, this program will help you get results. I am also obsessed with the 4 bonus workouts, focused on abs, glutes, arms, and flexibility. You can add them to any workout for an added challenge. 

🔥🌊You’ll need a set of Resistance Loops as well as light, medium, and heavy weights. A mat and stationary bike are optional.

Who are our Super Trainers?

Jericho’s passionate approach to fitness will empower you to own your health, your wellness, and your happiness. She is an NASM and ACE certified personal trainer and created the incredible program Morning Meltdown 100 and co-created the martial arts inspired program Core de Force. Elise is known for her energy, authenticity, and heart. Holding multiple prominent fitness certifications, plus two bachelor’s degrees, Elise created Barre Blend, Pre & Post Natal Barre Blend, the I AM Meditation Series, and the 3 Week Yoga Retreat for. These 2 inspiring super trainers are dedicated to helping you train your body for fitness, while training your mind to embrace new opportunities, release anxiety, and quiet the self-judgment.

When Can I Start?
🗓️May 24th: 
Coaches and preferred customers and coaches can purchase! 
🗓️June 7th: Customers can purchase
🗓️June 27th Our official Fire + Flow group starts! Make sure to update this to your start date!

What does it mean to be a coach or preferred customer? You never have to worry about mandatory purchases or making sales and you don’t have to coach anyone! This option just allows you to purchase earlier and get 25% off future orders. You can cancel at anytime. If you do sign up for the coaching option and want to share the things you love with your family, friends, or on social media, you do have the opportunity to earn commission.

What is the nutrition plan like?
The workouts from this program are amazing, but let’s be real… you can’t outwork a poor diet. That’s why I believe that taking care of you is about more than fitting in fitness; so, I want to highlight some of my favorite nutrition pieces and how they fit into Fire and Flow.

Jericho and Elise recommend following either 2B Mindset or Portion Fix, two proven nutrition programs that have helped millions reach their weight-loss goals. No complicated calorie-counting, deprivation, or complex meal planning is required, and you get access to BOTH programs when you sign up with a Total Solution Pack + 30 Day BODi access! Not sure which program is for you? We will chat through all the options!

We also have a 3rd nutrition option – The 4 Week Gut Protocol. This program is designed to help you find your food sensitivities, reset your nutrition and learn what foods make you feel good! It can also help with sleep, skin and bloating issues. It is perfect to pair with Fire & Flow 🙌 and you save on the program when you bundle them together!

What support will I have?

I cannot wait to start this test group with you! Fire and Flow is about taking care of your body, refueling your body, and restoring your self-care. My groups are on our own app, so you don’t get distracted by social media – plus you can track your workouts and progress right in the app.

Each week I will upload new meal plans and each day we will check in with each other, to motivate, commiserate, and inspire. It is a great place to answer questions, brainstorm, and just enjoy the community.

What packages are there?

For New Customers:

For Existing BOD Members:

I definitely recommend the Deluxe Total Solution Pack – Shakeology to focus on your nutrition, Energize to help get you going and Recover to take care of your muscles – plus it is a huge savings!

My favorite add ons: 

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