I’m not perfect.

I am sure you are surprised to read that. Who would admit something like that? I would love to sit here and say that I eat clean 100% of the time. That I don’t have a drink now and then. That I never have to force myself to workout or skip a workout just because I don’t feel like doing it that day. That is just not the case.

I am far from perfect. I eat french fries. I drink beer/liquor/wine/etc. I probably eat clean 80-90% of the time. If there is something that I like and is bad for me in the house, I have no self-control and will eat every last bite. Some days, I want nothing more than to just sit on my ass and watch a movie.

But I don’t. I truly enjoy working out. Sometimes it just takes a little push to get started. I am moody and crabby when I don’t get to workout.

I don’t refer to what I am doing as a diet. It is not a diet. It is a lifestyle. I hate that when I use the word “diet” others automatically assume that it means I only eat 1,000 calories a day and nothing but lettuce. I choose to eat healthy foods and I plan on doing it for the rest of my life, not just until I reach my goal weight. I want to be healthy forever, not just a short amount of time. This is a journey. It will never be a perfect journey and it may be a journey that gets paused every now and then for martinis and tacos. But a journey nonetheless.

The key to success is getting back on track the next meal, workout or day. Never giving up. Reaching out to get motivation when you need it. Having an accountability partner to make you push harder. Planning ahead. Having a back up plan when those plans don’t play out how you expect (because that will happen). Explain what you are doing to your family. You are more likely to succeed when they are cheering you on. More importantly, get them involved too! Make healthy dinners together and then go out for a walk afterward.

I am passionate about getting, being and staying healthy. I am passionate about helping others achieve the same thing. Healthy people are happy people. They enjoy life more and find pleasure in the small things in life.

I am just a few days away from finishing up my 90 day journey with one of my challenge groups. I will be posting stats and before/after photos. My goal is to have a six-pack by September. I have never had a six-pack, mind you. I may be crazy to be shooting for this after having a baby, but I know it is possible. I just have to keep that goal in the forefront.

If you want to get on the train and join me in getting healthy this summer, please get in touch via email (nicole.pope@live.com) or find me on Facebook or Instagram. I have a challenge group starting on April 28 and would love to have you as an accountability partner! Together, we can reach our goals. Let’s do this!

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