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Supermom to the Rescue!!!

I am super busy. I have a full-time career as a wedding planner as well as a career as a health and fitness coach. I am a wife and mom of an almost 2-year-old. They are both crazy. They would say the same about me. I work crazy hours and most Saturdays May through November. I like to go to bed early and wake up when I am done sleeping. My child has other ideas about the whole sleeping until I am done thing. I love to try out new, clean recipes, which can sometimes take some time to prepare. I enjoy spending time working out. I like to keep my house clean. Don’t get me wrong. I hate cleaning, but I like a clean house. I think I am turning into my mother.

With all of that said, I have flaws just like everyone else. Sometimes I am short with my hubby. Sometimes I lose patience with my kiddo (see tantrum below). Sometimes I want to stay in bed rather than go to work. Sometimes I don’t want to work out. And sometimes I want to eat a large pizza all by myself. I am perfectly imperfect. Yeah, that’s what we will go with.

2015-01-23 08.48.18

I would say I handle my crazy, busy life pretty well. I manage to make time for my family and myself on top of my career obligations. How? I make it a priority. I’m sure you have heard the old saying “You can’t take care of someone else if you don’t take care of yourself.” I truly do believe in this. When I slack off and eat bad and skip my workouts, I am not a happy person. I retreat. I don’t interact with my son. I ignore my husband. I dread answering work phone calls. I am unproductive. Not only that, but I feel unattractive and sad.

2015-01-20 17.15.41

That is why I have decided to dedicate my March 30 challenge group to other Supermoms like me. Are you too busy to workout? To cook a healthy dinner? To enjoy time with your family? I want to help and share my tips and tricks with you!! I am looking for 5-10 women who want to get healthy at home with me. Not only physically, but mentally!

What does a challenge group entail? My groups take place via a closed Facebook group. They are 60 days. Each member of the group will do a Beachbody fitness program, replace one meal a day with Shakeology and eat clean. As your coach, I will provide you with motivation, tips, clean recipes and support to get through the challenge together. There are quite a few programs that are 30 minutes or less per day. Plus by drinking Shakeology, you have one less meal to prepare for yourself. Do yourself a favor and get your hubby hooked on it too. Then you have to feed him one less time per day as well!

What do you need to do? Commit. That’s it. I need you to commit to yourself and to the group. Participate in the group daily and support the other members exactly how you would want to be supported. If you can fully commit to the group, you will change your life. Imagine being 10 pounds lighter by June 1. Does that sound good? If so, complete the application below. I’ll review it and reach out ASAP. Let’s get started!

March 30 Facebook Cover




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