Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Good morning everyone!! This has been a fantastic weekend so far. Yesterday, we celebrated my handsome little man’s 2nd birthday. Spent all day outside playing and eating cupcakes. He was out like a light at bedtime!! So were we!!!

The celebration continues today with Mother’s Day and my birthday. My idea of a great day is just spending time with my guys and puppies. But with the gorgeous weather, we NEED to get outside again today!! Here are a few free ideas for fun things you can do outside to get active today (and make sure the kids get a great nights sleep, so you can too):

1. Play at the park – and don’t just sit on the bench! Get up, climb, swing, slide, and run around.

2. Take a bike ride. Find a trail or just ride around the neighborhood. 

3. Take a hike. Stop and check out the flowers and bugs. Take your time and get dirty. That’s what baths are for!

4. Set up the sprinkler. I don’t care how old you are, sprinklers are just fun.

5. Plant flowers. Gardening can be a great workout! Plus, you can put the kids to work weeding while you are at it. 

6. Play sports! Baseball, soccer, football or make up your own game! Whatever your sport, get out and do it!!! Teach the kiddos how to play and let them break the rules. It’s not about being perfect today. Just enjoy!

Just a few ideas for you!! What are you doing today? Share below!!


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