Free 3 Day Refresh???

Happy Easter everyone!! I know how this holiday goes…



Carb-loaded foods

Pretty much every holiday causes us to relapse into our old ways and overeat. It’s rough.

Lucky for us, the 3 Day Refresh can fix any damage done by this one day (or maybe week) of splurging. It is simple. Three shakes a day, a fiber drink, plenty of filtered water, plus 3 small meals and fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day to keep your energy and metabolism going. This is not your normal cleanse! You actually get to eat! 

This is your chance to get it for free. Yes, FREE. 

Here’s the deal – you buy Shakeology and I’ll buy the Refresh. Boom. Done.

Want in? Better hurry. I am only offering 3 and only until March 30.

Email me at nicole.pope@live.com for more info!!


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