Whole 30 with a twist

I’ve been riding the struggle bus since I got back from the cruise. Oh ok, if I’m being honest, I’ve been riding it all year. My workouts have been on point, but diet has been rough. Way too many splurged way too often! And you definitely can’t out-exercise and bad diet.

I needed something drastic and strict to help get me back on track. I decided to give the Whole 30 a shot. As they say, it’s not that it is hard. It is much more mental than anything. Today kicks off my Whole 30 journey with a twist.

What’s the twist? Simply that I will continue to drink my Beachbody performance line products and Shakeology. There are a few ingredients in Shakeology that are not Whole 30 compliant, but I love it way too much to cut it out. 

Basically, with the Whole 30, you eliminate grains, sugars, alcohol 😳, dairy and legumes. I am a carb loving woman! And cheese. And peanut butter.Oy. What have I gotten myself into??

Lucky for me, I have support at home. My mother and father in law are going to be doing it with me and Joey will be eating whatever I cook. I promise to share my journey and lots of recipes for the next 30 days. We did meal prep last night and made some frittata, baked chicken and roasted veggies to get our week started right. We also did our meal plan for the week, so even if the food hasn’t been prepared already we know exactly what to eat as when. 

Wish us luck! 


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