New Exclusive Challenge Group

Hey everyone!! I’m so excited to announce my upcoming group starting May 9 and going through June 5. Just in time for summer ☀️👙 I posted it on Facebook and 2 spots were grabbed up instantly. So I only have ONE left, but it’s yours if you want it!

Here’s the deal…

I’m going to be using the new Challenge Tracker app that Beachbody released recently and I need your feedback! Since it is new, I need to figure out whether I want to switch over to this instead of my normal Facebook groups. You must purchase a new challenge pack to be a part of the group. You can do any program (I will help you pick one that will work for you based on your likes, dislikes and goals) and drink Shakeology through the group.

The second part of this group is that we are joining the Diet Bet hosted by Autumn Calabrese to win some moola for our efforts. With this, you must lose 4% of your body weight to win. You will split the pot with all the other 4% losers. The buy in is $30. However, if you join my group, I will give you a discount code to get $5 off!! Learn more here: http://dbet.me/HYdTp2

It’s that simple! So who wants the last spot in my group? Simply send me an email at nicole.pope@live.com and we can get you in! 

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