Big Announcement!!

Well, the time has come to make the official announcement. I have hinted and some of you may have figured it out already. Here goes nothing…

I have officially resigned from my full-time job!!

Whew… that feels so good to say! The people who I have told already have asked me the same questions:

“So what now? Do you have another job lined up?”

The answer is no. I do not have another “job” lined up. Let me back up and explain.

I really wasn’t at my most recent full-time job that long. I only started at the end of November. It has been a stressor for me from day one. The adjustment to working 40+ hours a week *IN* the office has really made a huge impact on my life, both physically and mentally. I know, I know. Most of America has to work 40+ hours a week in the office. But for me, that was a huge change. While I worked many more than 40 hours in my last job, a decent amount of that was from home. I didn’t have to deal with co-workers, negativity or micromanaging bosses. I could BREATHE.

I’m not saying that I made a mistake in leaving my last position. It was time for me to move on from there as well. I’m just saying that the difference in atmosphere was insane. I never realized how much it had affected me until I realized I was going crazy. I was over-reacting to little things, over-analyzing everything, moody and miserable. I was not in a good place and not a good person to be around. I honestly thought that I was depressed. Everything, including my Beachbody business, was affected negatively.

Not only had I just started a new and very stressful job, but we also sold our house, moved into my in laws and built a house. Talk about reasons to feel overwhelmed! But ultimately, I knew my atmosphere during the day was drastically affecting my life at night. I was tired and cranky. I’ve gained weight despite maintaining my workout routine. Not just a few pounds. We are talking about 8 pounds, which is a lot for me. Ugh…

Then, one day, something happened at work and it really was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Honestly, it would be like 20 pages long if I got into the details, so I won’t. When I think about it, the one instance on its own wouldn’t have been enough to make me decide to leave. It was everything all together.

I thought about it for days. Should I do this? Is this the right time? How am I going to make ends meet?

Then, I finally hit send on the email. I immediately thought, “Oh shit! What did I just do? Did I really just do that? Maybe I should try to retrieve it???” Instead, I walked out of the building and drove off. Ironically, Pandora chose the most appropriate song at that very moment. Jay Z came on bumping “Can I Get A…” and a smile came across my face and I knew I had made the right decision.

So here I am. Nine days later with only 15 days left of work. I still have “oh shit” moments, but I know I made the right decision.

Now to get back to the “what’s next” question. I am finally going to pursue my passion. Something I have been working toward for the last year and a half – coaching. I am going to be a full-time Team Beachbody Coach. There. I said it.

The excitement is overwhelming when I think about living my passion every day. In addition, I’ll teach group exercise classes and am starting a really exciting project with one of my coaches and BFFs, Laura. More about that in another post.

And you know what? I am not too proud to grab up a part-time gig bartending or serving if I can’t make ends meet. I will still be living my passion full-time and to be totally honest, I really enjoy serving. It’s a great workout too 😉

Am I crazy? Maybe. I’m sure some of you will think so. I don’t care. I am confident I can do this. Negative Nelly’s can keep to themselves. But for those of you who support me, hop on my crazy train and watch. It’s going to be a wild ride and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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