Fit Family Factory

Well, I hinted to this in my last post, but now it is time to make the official announcement!!
My dear friend, Laura, has been building her fitness program, Fit Kids Factory, for some time now. It has really exploded, which is not surprising in the least. She is such a dedicated and hard-working woman. I am truly blessed to benefit from her energy every day. This program is just as glorious as it sounds. In a nutshell, this is a program for kids ages 3+ to learn about physical fitness using music and basic moves (jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.) as well as nutrition to help set them up for a healthy life. She has summer camps, after-school programs and even weekly classes.

Laura has been asking me to get involved for quite a while, but the timing was never right for me. I was just too bogged down with my other responsibilities. So when I made the leap and decided to jump into self-employment with no real plan other than to make it work, she knew this was the exact right time to roll out something else she had been thinking about for many, many months.

Enter: Fit Family Factory.

This is basically a spin-off of her already popular Fit Kids. This is a class for both parents and kids. That ever-present excuse of “I don’t have anyone to babysit while I go to the gym” is no longer valid. With these classes, you BRING your kids with you and they also get to do a workout. Then, both parents and kids can learn about nutrition and make a healthy snack to have at the end. If that isn’t a brilliant idea, I don’t know what is!

Laura is the child whisperer who will keep them jumping, hopping and dancing around (i.e. tiring them out) while I will lead the adults in a 30 minute Cize LIVE class. Each session is 1 hour and one or both parents are welcome! As a Cize LIVE instructor, I am super excited to teach parents that exercise can be fun and dancing can be an insane cardio workout. The classes are broken down into 8-counts, so there is no need to have prior dance experience or even know “how” to dance. I will TEACH YOU!!

We are offering a 3-week session starting Saturday, July 9 at the Glenwood Pavilion in South Park. Classes will be from 9-10am. Head over to comeback-fitness.com and click on the Fit Family Factory link to read more! Registration will open soon!!

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