Pope Fitness: Crockpot Chicken Tacos

Seriously, the easiest recipe ever. I wish it were more difficult because I want you to see me as this incredible cook. Sadly, not so. I experiment and get lucky. 

I’m pretty sure every busy mom loves her crockpot. After all, it never lets her down. It always has dinner ready when she walks in the door at night. It even allows for super easy clean up (as long as you use the liners). 

Crockpot Chicken Tacos

3-4 large chicken breasts (can be frozen)

1 small jar of salsa (you can also use a can of tonato sauce)

1 packet of taco seasoning

Put liner in crockpot, place all ingredients in, cook for 6-8 hours. Serve in taco or tortilla shells, over lettuce as a salad or wrap, or even over rice for a heartier dish. Top with your favorite taco toppings!

If you have picky eaters, you can take the salsa and blend to purée everything. That’s what I do so my hubby doesn’t know it’s salsa… oops! Secret is out! 😉

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