I’ve been absent…

So I haven’t really posted much at all in the last month or so. I’ve been trying to figure out why and I think I finally have it.

I finished up a round of Body Beast at the end of May. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do as far as a program went because I knew Shift Shop was coming out. Plus, Shaun Week was in there. I was just floating around without any real direction. To say that my fitness kind of flopped is an understatement. I was working out every day and teaching my classes, but I’m not sure that I always gave it my all. I also hurt my shoulder during Shaun Week and haven’t been back to normal since then. Not to mention, my diet was a bit off the rails from the 4th of July on.

Here’s what I realized. When my diet and fitness is off, so is everything else. I gained a few pounds back and I felt awful. I was so ready to get back to some sort of schedule. I function much better with structure and rules when it comes to my health and fitness. I like following a meal plan. I enjoy having a calendar to follow. I really like checking off the boxes each day. I’m totally a list-maker, so that fits right into my personality.

So now what?

Well, I am on week 3 of Shift Shop. Man, this week has been tough so far. Each workout is 45 minutes. I was totally spoiled with my 30 minute (or less) workouts. But here is what I am realizing – this program is amazing! Really. I have not sweat like this in a long time. I feel amazing. During the 3rd week, the meal plan completely cuts out carbs. I thought it was going to be much more difficult than it actually is. I thought I would be starving. Not the case. There may not be any carbs, but there are extra veggies and protein and this girl loves her protein! The combination of strength and cardio are exactly what I needed at this point. I cannot wait to finish and do another round! I’m already seeing some awesome results!!

Stay tuned for more results! Until then, I am vowing to post much more often with more delicious recipes and tips! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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