Free Downloadable Gratitude Journal

Let’s be intentional with our gratitude this week, shall we? I’ve shared before how making gratitude journaling a part of my morning routine has changed my outlook on the day, and highlighted all the good in my life, even on the hard days. I love looking back on the pages and seeing what I felt grateful for in the past, what is still so important to me, and what has changed as I’ve grown, day to day.

Here is a gratitude challenge for your week this week, next week, or whenever you feel ready to start! There is a page for each day to help you track your thinking + all you’re feeling grateful for in this season. 

My gratitude journaling tips:

✍️ Start small – focus on the last 24 hours at a time

✍️ Set a timer so you are intentional with the practice at the same time, each day

✍️ Tell someone else you’re journaling, and invite them to do it, too

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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