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30 Day Lunge Challenge

I have realized how much I love lunges. I think it is because feel so strong when I do them. This month, the free challenge is going to be lunges.

It ain’t gonna be easy. We are going to do A LOT of lunges.

We are going to switch it up so we don’t get bored. The challenge will consist of front lunges, reverse lunges, curtsey lunges and side lunges. These 4 different styles will help you to tone everything from your inner thighs to your booty. Since we aren’t just sticking with basic front lunges, I wanted to make sure I show you how to perform each move properly so you don’t hurt yourself and get the most out of the exercises.

Don’t mind the non-makeup face. It was post-workout and post-shower and I wasn’t about to put makeup on just to take a few photos 🙂

As with most exercise, please consult your doctor before beginning any program!!!

Front lunges

Start with your feet hip-width apart. I prefer hands on hips, but you can leave them hang down to your side or up in front of your chest.

Front Start


Take a large step out in front of you. You have to make it a large step so you can have proper form once you drop down into the lunge. Otherwise, your knees will go out over your toes which can cause injuries. Feet should still be hip-width apart, not straight in front of one another. That will help you keep your balance as your lunge down.

Front step


Lower down so that both knees are at 90 degree angles. Knee should be close, but not touching the floor. DO NOT let your front knee go out over your toes. It should stay straight over your ankle.

Front Lunge


Lift back up by pushing off the heel of your front foot so that you are back to feet at hip-width apart. Then step forward with your left foot and do it all again.

Curtsey Lunges

I love this one because it works the side of the booty – that saddlebag area! You will definitely feel this one.

Start with feet hip-width apart. Again, I personally prefer hands on hips, but do whatever feels most comfortable.

Curtsey Start


Take a step back bringing your foot back behind your other foot. Make sure to take a wide step back to make sure you can maintain proper form.

Curtsey front Curtsey lunge


Come back up to standing hip-width apart by pushing up from the heel of your front foot. Repeat on the other side. Note: you may lose your balance at first on these. Once you do a few, you will find your center and be able to power through them.

Reverse Lunges

Again, we are starting with feet hip-width apart. Same as above with the hands.

Reverse Start


Take a wide step back, keeping your heel off the ground.

Reverse step


Drop down into the lunge. Keep your booty tucked under so you go straight down. Try to go as low as you can in the lunge. Sometimes, I lightly tap my knee on the floor and come right back up. That’s also why I have bruises all over my knees all the time.

Reverse Lunge


Come back to standing by pushing up from the front heel.

Side Lunges

Start with feet hip-width apart.

Side start

Take a wide step out to the right. I prefer to bring my hands up in front of my chest on this one. That helps me maintain my balance and push my booty back as far as I can to get as low as possible.

Side step


Bend your right knee while pushing your booty back. Your weight should be mostly in your heels when dropping down into the lunge. Try to go as low as possible. This should be a fluid motion with the initial step out, rather than two separate steps. I only did the photos like this to show you the wide stance.

Side Right


It can be a little more difficult to maintain your balance on these. If you are doing them right, you will almost feel like you are going to fall over just like when doing a squat.  Come back up to standing with feet hip-width apart by pushing through the heel of your bent leg. Repeat on the left.

The most important things to remember while doing lunges:

1. Keep your knee directly over your ankle. Never extend your knee over your front toes. It can cause injuries and we definitely do not want that.

2. When your knees are bent, they should be at a 90 degree angle. That is the goal – not necessarily the beginning point. Once you get stronger, you will get closer and closer to that 90 degree mark. I still have trouble getting it to 90 degrees on the side lunges, but I’m working on it!

3. To decrease intensity. simply do not drop as low into the lunge. You will get there eventually, but don’t push it if you aren’t ready for it.

The reps listed on the calendar can be done one of two ways. The first is by counting each lunge as 1 rep. So right front lunge = 1 rep. The other way, and the way I will be doing them, is to count one lunge for each leg as 1 rep. So right front lunge + left front lunge = 1 rep. You can choose depending on your fitness level. Just make your decision and stick with it!

Here is the calendar for the challenge. I know I am posting this a little late tonight, but give me 10 front lunges and 10 curtsey lunges!! It won’t take long and you can even do them while watching your favorite TV show!

30 Day Lunge Challenge

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