How to get a six pack

I have been back on this journey since January of 2014. Sometimes I have had to force myself to do a workout or walk away from a cookie. Sometimes I was not so successful in resisting. Since January, I have completed P90X3, the 21 Day Fix and Focus T25. I recently started Les Mills PUMP and am (im)patiently waiting for PiYo to arrive. I am so ready to buckle down and get that six pack I have always wanted! So how do I plan on getting that six pack? A few simple things… 1. I’ll be doing a hybrid of Les Mills PUMP and PiYo since LMP is only 3 days a week and I really need to work on my flexibility. I will workout 6 days per week doing a combo of these two workouts. 2. Drinking 75-100 ounces of water per day. I have been struggling with this like whoa. I am lucky if I am getting in 50 ounces per day. I can feel it. My body hurts and I get random cramps in my leg or abs when I have to be in a weird position (like crawling to the back seat of the car while it is moving to feed my screaming child a bottle). 3. Getting plenty of sleep. This is NOT something I struggle with, but I am hoping by adding in PiYo I will be able to sleep more soundly since my back has been keeping me up in the early mornings. 4. Tightening up my diet. I do a fantastic job through the week. I pack my foods for Saturday at work as well. It’s the damn cookie table at all of the weddings. I am a wedding planner, in case you didn’t know. If you aren’t from Pittsburgh, you don’t know the gloriousness that is the cookie table. But it is exactly what it sounds like and most weddings in the Pittsburgh area have them. A table FULL of delicious homemade cookies? Hard to resist. I am vowing here and now to resist the cookies! I will allow myself 1 cookie per weekend. That’s it. Only one. I’ll share my cookie of the week via instagram (@divinefitnesspgh) and how it tastes. Sometimes they look so yummy and they are nothing but a disappointment. 5. I will post accountability pictures via instagram as well. Weekly progress pics will certainly hold me accountable! If I want that six-pack by September, I really need to stay accountable and I need you to hold me to it! So there you go. My game plan. I can do this and would love for you to join me on my journey! I have a PiYo challenge group starting on July 7. You only use your own body weight to get ripped. Low impact and high intensity. Sounds intriguing, huh? For now, I leave you with my January to June transformation photos. Be kind! I am a work in progress, but I can and will do this!!

Jan-June Transformation

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