Deep thoughts…

I received a sweet message from a friend yesterday and I’ve been thinking about it since. And well, this is my blog, so I can write about whatever I want. Today, it’s going to be this.

As I get older, I feel like I can look back on my life and be grateful that I have been surrounded by some really great people. There have also been some not so great. In the last couple of years, I have made conscious effort to rid myself of negative people. You know, those people who find the bad in any situation. Those people may not have been “unfriended,” but they have definitely been hidden from my Facebook timeline. Sorry, but I just don’t want to be a part of your drama, your negative view of the world or your woe-is-me status updates. I truly believe that your life is what you make of it. If you don’t like your circumstances, change them.

A couple of years ago, I landed my dream job. The one that everyone searches for their entire life. I was, and still am, damn good at it. As a wedding planner, you deal with people of all kinds. Generally, the clients are fantastic and very grateful for the time and effort you have put into their special day. However, every now and then you get the ones who are just impossible to please. NOTHING you do can make their day right. My skin got thicker as those few ungrateful folks bashed me for whatever it was that I did “wrong.” I’ve made mistakes. I’m not above admitting that. Regardless, I was still very passionate about my job and wanted nothing more than to be doing exactly what I was doing.

I was a newlywed when I started this job. So of course, the next step was starting a family. Sadly, the schedule of a wedding planner isn’t the greatest for a new mom and her family. It was tough trying to juggle the want/need to be home with your family on the weekends. Things like going to a pumpkin patch on a Saturday afternoon just aren’t possible. By the time Sunday rolls around, I’m too tired to do much of anything.

Last December, my dad lost his battle with cancer. He fought for 10 months. Ten very short months. I regret every single day since not spending more time with him before we lost him. That is an awful feeling because there is nothing I can do to change it or make it go away. I was too busy or too tired to make the trip to see him. I had on rose colored glasses and stayed positive that he was going to beat it. Maybe I was in denial. I don’t know, but it’s too late to make any changes now.

That did make me realize that things needed to change. Lucky for me, I had found a passion in helping people get healthy. That came in the form of a MLM company. You might think that helping people get healthy wouldn’t be cause for having a tough skin, but let me tell you – it does. There are so many naysayers out there who would call it a pyramid scheme or downplay my ability. Here’s the thing – pyramid schemes are illegal (and this business is completely legal) and I never claimed to be an expert. Here’s what I do know – I truly love helping motivate people to reach their health goals and get to a point where they love the skin they are in. I have plenty of people who can say that this has been the game changer for them. The products I use and support may not be for everyone. I am OK with that. Everyone has their own way of doing things and if mine isn’t yours, then good luck! I am sure you will find success using whatever tactics you choose. I’m glad I have built up a tolerance for people who just don’t get that. Everyone is different. Period.

I know it seems like I am just rambling on here, but I do have a point. My priorities in life have changed in the last 4 years and I wanted you to understand why. I no longer want to spend time with people who don’t appreciate the time I’m spending making sure their day is perfect. It is starting to allow the negativity to creep in. I hate that. I want to spend my time with the people who don’t care if the day is perfect and will love me anyway. So I am doing something about it. I’m changing my life.

Becoming a Team Beachbody coach has allowed me to find a new passion when the old one started to wane. It has allowed me to create additional income for my family so that we can pay off debt, build a new house and create a life by design. The fact that I have been able to do all of these things proves that it does work for some people and what I am doing is making a difference regardless of whether I have a degree/certification in this or not. I have been supported and surrounded by some of the most incredible people I have ever met. They believe in me. I am working toward building a full-time income, so that I can spend time with my family whenever I want. On my terms. I never want to have the feelings of regret that have caused me so much pain in the last few months.

So to all the haters, I hope you enjoy having those negative feelings. You are entitled to your own opinion. Just keep it away from me. Because I could care less. I know I am building something amazing and I will keep working toward my goals with or without you. You do you. I’ll do me and be great at it.

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