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Post-Vacation Blues

I’ve been a bit absent on here lately. I have been so crazy busy that I just didn’t have time and I didn’t want to skimp on the content. But I’m back and ready for action!

Mostly because I just got back from an absolutely incredible trip to Punta Cana. With who you ask? Well, of course, Joey. But there were also hundreds of my fellow Team Beachbody coaches. We were treated to 5 days and 4 nights in a luxury resort.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino was absolutely incredible! It was HUGE! I am not sure I even saw all of it. There were 9 different restaurants, 13 pools with swim-up bars, a golf course and, most importantly, a spa. Not only were our rooms, food and drinks covered, but we were issued a $750 resort credit so we were able to enjoy a few of the extra amenities that were not covered in the all-inclusive package.

Our first full day started off with a catamaran excursion to swim with sharks and sting rays, snorkeling and swimming in a natural pool. But let’s just be honest, it was a booze cruise and we took full advantage of the yummy drinks while cruising! On the way to the boat, we stopped and got our photos taken with parrots and a sea lion! He kissed me 🙂 We totally snuck this photo which is why it is dark and kind of far away.

It also happened to be Joey’s birthday while we were there and he received a special birthday song and treat! 

Here’s a great video created by one of my vacation buddies and all-around awesome people, Jaime Messina.

We rounded out the day with dinner at Toro, which is the steakhouse on the resort. We did have to wait a bit and weren’t too thrilled with our steaks, but the drinks were delicious! Then we hit the bars for celebratory drinks with our friends.

I took advantage of the spa and got my first deep tissue massage on our second day. Totally amazing! I felt like a new woman when it was over. We started with an hour of hydro-therapy including a steam sauna, a cold room, a dry sauna, mud room and many hot tubs and pools to relax in. This was by far the best spa experience I’ve had and I cannot wait until next year in Riviera Maya to take advantage of the spa more than I did this year! Considering it was all FREE, I think it was a pretty good deal. Later that day, we took over a table at the hibachi restaurant. 

It was delicious, the conversation was great and of course the drinks were amazing. And another great video by Jaime (I let her do all of the recording and work! Haha!):

The next day, we had planned to go out to go swimming with dolphins. However, it was our last full day at the resort, so we wanted to hit the beach and relax some more before heading home the next day. We literally didn’t do anything besides lay on the beach, by the pool and in the pool. 

Then, we hit the Mexican restaurant for dinner. Finally, it was my turn to make the dinner selection! It was incredible. Of course, I ate way too much. I can never stop myself when it comes to Mexican food!

Then, we walked to the beach where the closing celebration was taking place. It was a gorgeous night and we walked around barefoot enjoying signature drinks and watching fireworks over the ocean.

My goodness… this trip was so needed and so much fun. We ate and drank way too much and did not get any workouts in, but we relaxed and enjoyed. That’s what we needed. I literally cannot wait until Riviera Maya in 352 days. Not that I’m counting…

One more of Jaime’s videos for good measure:

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