Ten 21 Day Fix Crock Pot Recipes

You all know that the crock pot is one of my favorite tools in the kitchen. There is nothing like throwing a bunch of ingredients in and coming home to a delicious meal! But what do you do when you want to combine the ease and simplicity of a crock pot meal with the 21 Day Fix meal plan?

There are so many recipes out there that are perfect and fit right into the Portion Fix meal plan. I’m just making it easy on you and compiling a list for you as reference. You can thank me later 😉

Pork Carnitas

Turkey Chili

Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Steak Fajitas

Chicken Taco Soup

Ranch Pork Tenderloin

Cashew Chicken


Buffalo Chicken Bites

Bacon and Cheese Quiche

I’d love to hear which ones you try and which ones you like! Also, if you have a favorite, please leave it in the comments!! Sharing is caring!

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