Back to School Savings!

Ummmm… how did that happen? How are kids already going back to school? I am super excited for Jordan to start another year of preschool. He does really enjoy going, learns so much and loves playing with his school friends.

One thing I know is that he NEVER has nice shoes. The kid can destroy them within a day. Of course, I had to hook him up for the coming school year. I got him 2 pairs in two different sizes. Hopefully, the bigger ones (red & black) will fit him in the spring! And seriously, how cute are those grey and blue ones?

I’m not really sure why kid’s shoes are so darn expensive, but they are. I guess it’s because they can get the money for them! Honestly, I haven’t spent much money on shoes for Jordan because he grows out of them so quickly. I decided that he needs a nice pair of shoes and that might actually be why he destroys them so easily.

Lucky you, I have a code for all my readers – buy one pair of kids shoes and get one for $0.01!! That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me! Quality shoes for a reasonable price! Jordan just loves his new kicks and I cannot wait for him to get to wear them to school in a month… Oh lord… only a month left!

Use this link and enter code KIDSBOGO at checkout!

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