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Shift Shop: A Review

It’s here!!!

I was soooooo excited for this program to come out. I love intense, athletic workouts. I feel strong and accomplished when I have finished for the day. When I saw the previews for Shift Shop, I knew this program was going to be right up my alley. It came out when I was at Coach Summit in New Orleans, where I also had the chance to workout LIVE with Chris Downing. I had the chance to workout with him again this past weekend. And well, let’s start there…

So Chris Downing is a hard-core trainer with the biggest heart. He killed our legs and lifted our spirits at the same time. He made us think about the struggles and fears that we hold inside of ourselves and use this energy to work them out. His message was basically that we may not be able to control everything, but we can control our actions, our bodies and our minds. Good stuff, right??

Funny story… I saw him after the workout in the hallway. We locked eyes and I proceeded to give him the stink eye and wagged my finger at him. He just looked amused. My words? “I’m going to be cursing you out when I can’t sit down to pee tomorrow.” Yep, true story. I talked to him, for the first time ever, about me peeing *facepalm*


I started Shift Shop immediately when I returned from Coach Summit. Let me give you a brief description of the program. It is 3 weeks. The workouts and meal plan slowly ramp up each week so that you reach maximum results. The first week follows the “normal” Portion Fix meal plan. Same containers as usual. The workouts are 25 minutes each and rotate between Speed and Strength. I had done the Speed workout from this round a few times prior to starting the program because that was available on the sneak peek. I knew I was in for it! And if you know me, you know cardio is not my jam.

The second week has 35 minute workouts, rotating between Speed and Strength. The meal plan cuts back on carbs and increases veggies and protein during this week as well. I was a bit nervous about the decreased carbs, but I hung in there.

The third week has 45 minute workouts with the same rotation. I was NOT excited about that part AT ALL. I am used to my short 30 minute workouts and did not want to spend those extra 15 minutes. To top it off, the meal plan eliminates all carbs during this week. Eeekkk!!!! I mean, sure, we get even more protein and veggies, but NO CARBS?!?!? He’s got to be crazy.

But it worked. And you know what? I wasn’t all that hungry. I definitely craved the carbs, but I wasn’t hungry like I thought I would be.

The end result? I ended up losing 5 pounds and gaining an incredible mindset. I planned to roll right into a second round, but had a flare up of my sciatica and had to rest for a week. I started back up this past Monday and I am soooo glad to be back!

Round 2 is a little different because you start with week 2, then week 3 with week 2’s meal plan, then there are the deluxe 50 minute workouts with the week 3 meal plan. A little confusing probably for some of you, but I’ll chat more about all of that later. Of course, I will update once I complete the second round. I can’t wait to see what kind of results I get this time! Stay tuned!

Chris Downing, Beachbody's newest super trainer, in Pittsburgh for a live Shift Shop workout with Beachbody coaches at the Northeast Regional Conference in August 2017

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