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Soapbox Moments: Your Diet Isn’t Working

Here I go… up on my soapbox for a minute… and it might be a little harsh, but it has to be said.
I was chatting with a new friend on IG and she tells me she is following a certain diet (to which shall remain unnamed because it really doesn’t matter). She tells me that she her fitness has halted because strength training is so hard with this diet. She is eliminating carbs from her diet and cutting sugar. She said that she feels like she cannot move after a heavy lifting session or intense cardio. She has just decided that walking her dog will suffice, even though she really enjoys working out and lifting heavy. Because she likes how she feels without the carbs normally. Just not when she works out.
Uh, what???? Are you hearing yourself right now???
Let me clue you in a little… YOUR DIET IS NOT WORKING FOR YOUR BODY!!!! I am not a nutritionist, but I can tell you that any diet that leaves you feeling like you have no energy or you can’t participate in activities that you enjoy is not good.
Here’s the thing. This diet may work for a number of other people. But it doesn’t work for everyone. Paleo works well for me, but not everyone does well with it. Just because a diet is popular doesn’t mean it is good for everyone – or anyone. Hence the name “fad diet.”
So please, please, please, use your heads and common sense. Listen to the cues your body is giving you. Don’t jump on the bandwagon just because your friend’s sister’s husband’s cousin’s aunt said it worked for them. If you really need help with this, I recommend finding a good nutritionist. Or find a program that doesn’t cause you to feel like this.
If you need help with this or someone to talk through it with you, I am happy to help. I will reiterate that I am not a nutritionist, but I am happy to discuss options with you.
So there’s that. Happy Monday y’all!

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