30 Day Self-Care Guide – Free Download!

Hey there, Gorgeous. ❤️

Have you ever seen the movie, “The Notebook”? I’m sitting here replaying a notorious scene in my head and can’t stop picturing myself as Ryan Gosling right now… “What do you want? What do YOU want?!” 😉 ‘Cause that’s the question I have for you today – What do YOU want in life?

As women, we’re constantly managing a full plate. Taking care of our kids, spouses or partners, houses, careers, multiple schedules, and friendships – It’s a lot to handle. Yet what almost always gets left off the plate is our own health and wellness, goals, dreams, and needs. Why is that?

You were made for so much more. Your purpose in life isn’t to make sure everyone around you is taken care of and satisfied. Your purpose is to find what makes you the healthiest, happiest version of yourself and what absolutely sets your soul on fire.

Sure, serving others is an important part of life. But it’s not the only part of your life. And I’m here to help you see that. ‘Cause let me tell ya, this self-care guide isn’t just gonna give you 30 different ways to love yourself. It’s gonna provide you with daily prompts that’ll help you learn more about yourself, explore your interests and passions, and get you fired UP to take action in your health, wellness, and LIFE!

Over these next 30 days I want you to get real with yourself. Fully commit to 30 days of tracking your health and wellness habits – Water, nutrition, exercise, mindset, and you guessed it… self-care. And if you feel comfortable, I’d also love for you to join and talk about your “personal prompt” responses in my accountability group so we can celebrate you and all your soul searching!

At the end of your 30 days I hope this is exactly what you needed to set yourself free and become the woman you’ve been searching for.

With all my love,

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