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I remember saying “I wish I got paid to workout. Then it would be so much easier to do!”

Well, guess what? Now you can!

Ok, this is starting to sound like a cheesy infomercial. But seriously, why wouldn’t you want to workout, eat healthy and log it into an app on your phone and win money to do it? I mean, I’m definitely gonna do it regardless of whether you are going to do it with me or not. But it would be a lot more fun if you did 🙂

So here’s the deal… Beachbody created this little contest. They started the pot off with $1 million and are donating $5 for every challenge pack sold in the month of August toward the pot up to $3 million dollars! Uhhhh…. What???

Listen, I don’t know about you, but I WANT a piece of that pie! Finally, our chance to get paid to work out. And there really is no catch. It is super simple to qualify for the winnings. Just join my challenge group with a new challenge pack starting on September 5 via the My Challenge Tracker app, log in daily for your dose of motivation and support from me, log 3 workouts per week and post 5 photos of your Shakeology per week. That is it.

You get healthy and money. Win-win!

Are you interested? Leave your email below and we can discuss and get you started!

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