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Status Update: The Ultimate Reset Week 1

As week 1 comes to an end, I wanted to hop on and give a quick update. If you want to check out my meal plan, you can view it here. I’ll be honest. I cheated twice. I had a small handful of cashews twice this last week. I wouldn’t view that as a total loss, but it was not in the meal plan so technically it was a cheat.

Now, on to the good stuff. I already posted a bunch of pictures of the food I made this week in my last blog about the Reset. I am really happy with the food and recipes and really think they are something I can add into my weekly rotations. I am not starving. I feel satiated after each meal. I have been really tired this week, but that may or may not have anything to do with the Reset. Remember, I have been struggling with fatigue for the last 6 months or so as it is.

A lot of people I have talked to have had “super sleep” while doing the Ultimate Reset – meaning it was the best sleep they have ever had. I had one night where I slept like a rock. I don’t even remember waking up to roll around like usual. However, every other night has been my normal sleep. I really hope that “super sleep” comes because I would love to have a few great nights to sleep! I think that would probably be the best thing I could do for myself. Here’s to hoping!

I am down 2 pounds as of this morning. I have not taken measurements again. I will save that for the end. I was hoping for a larger drop on the scale, but 2 pounds in 5 days isn’t that bad. I know that I am losing weight in the appropriate way and not on some drastic, crazy cleanse where I starve myself.

I didn’t plan very well and had a cocktail party to attend yesterday. I was really sad I couldn’t have a yummy cocktail, but I stuck to it and I am really proud of myself for not giving in! I had a rough day yesterday, so I would have loved nothing more than to have a drink. Sometimes, it’s the little things that show me I do have the willpower to get through this! I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow, so I will really be tested. I am going to try to go a little early and talk to the servers to see what’s on the menu and if I can get something special. If not, I will just pick at what is Reset approved and leave the rest. That means NO CUPCAKES or DESSERT!

Now, I am heading into week 2, where we will completely eliminate animal products including all dairy, eggs and meat. It will be more veggies, fruits and whole grains. You can check out my meal plan for the Ultimate Reset Week 2 here. This week we will include the Detox and Soothe supplements to the existing Optimize and Mineralize.

So far I am really enjoying the Reset and hoping that it gets me the results I want – no more cravings, weight and inches lost and a newfound appreciation for myself. I’ll be posting my favorite recipe from Week 1 in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!

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