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Status Update: The Ultimate Reset Week 2 and Week 3 Meal Plan

The official end of week 2 is tomorrow, so I was going to wait until then to write because of my mood today. But you know what? This is the real deal of the Ultimate Reset for me. I know there are many people who have said they felt so great on the Reset. Honestly, I have too – until today. I am hungry and tired. I still haven’t gotten that glorious super sleep everyone talks about and if I have to eat one more freaking salad, I’m gonna scream. Oh Lord and the power greens…

Now, that could just be my mood today. I woke up feeling ok. Then as the day wore on, it just got worse. I could very well feel totally different tomorrow. I hope I do. I didn’t feel like this yesterday. I have been feeling great up until today. I hopped on the scale this morning and while I was down 4 pounds the other day and hopeful that it was going to go down another 2 this week, the scale is only showing -3 today. Ugh. Yes, the scale is the devil. I try not to let the scale dictate my mood, but I am pretty sure it did today.

Ok, so where do I go from here? Do I keep going? Do I give up?

Today, I want to give up. But I know I would be so disappointed with myself. I know I have a lot of people cheering me on. This shit sucks sometimes. That’s just how it is.

I just chugged an entire Shakeology shaker cup of water. Yes. All 25 ounces. Down the hatch. I’m hoping that helps the hunger today. I did my meal plan for next week and got my grocery list ready. I’ll go later today or tomorrow morning so I have lots of time to do meal prep for the week tomorrow afternoon.


I’m going to push through. I am not sure what is going on this week, but I know I am fueling my body with the right foods and I need this. More importantly, I need to finish this. So while I really want to down a cup of coffee and shovel some popcorn into my mouth right now, I am going to chug down my Power Greens (the most disgusting thing ever!) and then have my Vegan Chocolate Shakeology (one of the most delicious things ever! Besides tacos. Tacos beat all) for an afternoon snack.

This is just one day of the 13 I’ve been doing this. I feel crappy today. I’m sure that will change tomorrow. I hope so. And I’ll post an update then. But today, I’m gonna just be miserable and crabby.

UPDATE: It’s the next day. Day 14. While the scale still hates me, I feel a million times better and much less hungry today. I started the day off with a spiteful cup of coffee. I was really angry that the scale went up yet again (Let me just add in that the Ultimate Reset is not meant as a weight loss product, but weight loss is typically a side effect. The sole purpose of the Reset is to literally Reset your system to “factory settings”). After I had it, I decided to move on and look forward to the last week of this challenge.

I think a good night’s sleep really helped – still not the super sleep, but I was so comfy I kept falling right back to sleep no problem. Hence, no more crabbiness! Plus, I got my yoga in first thing this morning and it felt incredible. I am amazed by the flexibility I’ve gained. While I still don’t enjoy it as much as lifting, I know I am going to be incorporating yoga in my weekly workouts. Groceries and meal prep are done. While I’m nervous that this is going to be the toughest week yet, I am ready to finish strong.

UPDATE #2: I should note that I now know why I was struggling so much those two days. Ladies… you know why we fluctuate in weight, get crabby and sometimes get headaches once a month? Yeah… So without going into too much detail and risking a TMI moment, I’ll just leave it at that.

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