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Status Update: FINAL Ultimate Reset Results

Well gang, I made it! I made it to the end of this little challenge with minimal cheats. The only major one was the coffee incident I mentioned here. Other than that, I may have had a plain piece of toast here and there if my stomach was upset or if I was feeling super duper hungry from lack of carbs.

Today was my first day off of the Reset. I started my first day of Body Beast today and could really tell that I was not quite ready to do a program that intense. That’s probably why they don’t recommend you do that, but I’m a rebel. I also had coffee, tacos and a beer today. Let me just tell you that I do not feel that great right now. I felt amazing when I woke up though! That tells me one thing. My body likes the way I was treating it during the Reset.

Now, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I will go back to a Vegan lifestyle. That’s just not me. However, I plan to decrease the amount of meat I eat and stay away from carbs and dairy as much as possible and keep the amount of veggies at an all time high. I am also going to go with half-caf on the coffee unless I’m in dire straits and I haven’t slept in 3 days.

I know I mentioned how frustrated I was with my body in that last post (read the second update at the bottom for the real explanation), but I am thrilled with my results! I am down 7.6 pounds and 4.6 inches. I lost a full inch in my waist, hips and chest, 1/2 inch in each leg and 1/4 inch in each arm. A loss in every area works for me! Not only that, but I FELT better. I felt lighter and leaner. I felt clearer mentally. My skin, even though I don’t have major issues with it to begin with because of Shakeology*, was clearer.

Be gentle with your comments. I know I am no bikini model. I am working at it, but not there yet. However, there is certainly a change in the right direction that was only really obvious to me after I compared the photos.

Honestly, all of that aside, I truly am proud of myself for my commitment to this program even on the days when I wanted to quit and spit those Power Greens straight down the drain. I feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next obstacle. I feel ready to conquer 2017. My mind is back in the right place and I cannot wait to see what kind of results I am going to get with Body Beast this time around. I have 89 days until our trip to Punta Cana. I know I am going to feel amazing and confident on that trip. Even if I don’t look like a supermodel in that bikini 😉


*My own personal opinion, not something that is clinically proven. Which by the way it IS clinically proven to help you lose weight, increase energy, lower cholesterol, and reduce blood sugar levels.

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