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Made to Crave Challenge Group

Have you ever had a craving? Like one that just won’t go away until you give in and have that chocolate bar? One that you feel like will kill you if you don’t get that bag of salty chips?

Me too. We all have. They suck. Because in the moment, it really feels like it would be the end of the world if you didn’t get that big bowl of pasta. I get it. It isn’t easy to resist these things. The immediate satisfaction you get from that treat just feels so good – especially when you have a bad day or are stressed out or whatever other reason you might have for indulging.

That’s why I am so excited about this upcoming challenge group. It is time to learn how to control those cravings and adjust our way of thinking. This group is for women only and is going to focus on our desire to be healthy and the spiritual empowerment necessary to achieve our goals. We are made to crave. God made us crave. It is totally natural. Except, in His mind, the craving was supposed to be for Him and belief in His words.


We will be reading the book, Made to Crave, by Lisa Terkeurst together in a closed Facebook group. There will be a daily devotional as well as fitness/clean eating tips to help replace old habits with new and healthier) ones. We will share prayers we can use to combat those stinkin’ cravings when they hit and how to push through. We will learn to ask For God’s wisdom and power to make better choices. One of the most important things provided by this group is the accountability. It is necessary to achieve goals. You can do hard things. You just might need a buddy (or 20!) to help you through those tough times. Because they will happen. Guaranteed.

To be a part of this group, we do have some options for you:

  1. You must purchase Shakeology on Home Direct. This is the minimum requirement. However, everyone who commits to this basic requirement will receive Made to Crave as a gift from me! I will send the book as soon as the purchase is processed.
  2. You can purchase a challenge pack, which includes both Shakeology and a workout program. Personally, this is your best deal. You will have save at least $50 by purchasing both together. Plus, in addition to working your mind, you will be working your body and getting even better results. If you decide to purchase the challenge pack, you will still receive Made to Crave as a gift from me. However, you will also receive the Fixate Cookbook! So now you are being armed with 101 clean and healthy recipes to set you up for even more success.

Why the requirement of Shakeology for the group? Well, this is a product that I truly believe in. It is something I have been drinking for almost 5 years. It has kept me healthy when the rest of my family is sick. It is clinically proven to help you lose weight, reduce cravings (it kind of goes hand in hand, no?), lower cholesterol and increase energy.

Say what??

There are a ton of stats I could share with you, like those of my own aunt who decreased her cholesterol levels from 300 to 200, got off 3 of her 5 medications and lost 11 pounds all without changing a single other thing in her daily life. Imagine what she could do if she added in healthy eating and more exercise!

However, I won’t go on and on like I could about that. I will just tell you that it is a requirement because it is impossible for us to be in your house and slap the foods out of your hand that you shouldn’t be eating. I know. That would be nice. I wish I had someone to slap food out of my hand sometimes. Here’s the thing… I want you to get great results and since diet is 80% of the battle, I want to make sure you are fueling up with some of the best superfoods out there. I know that if nothing else you are getting one really incredible meal.

Want into the group? Complete the form below and I’ll get in touch with you right away to discuss further! I can’t wait to work with you.


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