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Status Update: Why I am QUITTING the Whole30

Well ok. So I’m not actually quitting per se. However, I am going to be adjusting my terminology. Why? Because the creator of Whole30 got pretty upset about people who wanted to complete her program also using Shakeology. I get it. It is her baby. She was mostly upset about people making modifications to her program and requiring Shakeology as part of a challenge group. While I have never done this and am only on this journey for myself, I have respect for her and her business. Therefore, I will no longer be doing the Whole30.

I will be doing the Half30. Half her product, half mine. I will continue to follow the Whole30 food guidelines, but will continue drinking my Shakeology. There. I think that does it. Now on to the update…

I am currently on day 5 of this journey. That’s 1/5 of the way through already! I know that doesn’t seem like something I should be excited about, but hey… why not? I am feeling great.

I haven’t gotten on the scale since the morning I started (February 16th). It said I was 8.6 pounds higher than my goal weight, which I intend to hit by the time I leave for Punta Cana in 61 days. Ideally, I will add another 7 pound loss on to that, but that is not on the goal list for before the trip. You would think I would be antsy to get back on the scale and see how I am progressing after these 5 days. I will admit that I am kind of curious, but I just feel so free! My mood no longer hinges on what the scale says first thing in the morning. I always tell my challengers not to focus on the scale, yet there I was, letting it dictate my mood and day. Shame on me. I’m so happy to be done with that. In fact, I may just put it away until March 18th, which is the morning after I finish.

Otherwise, like I said, I am feeling incredible. I am not hungry. I feel satisfied by my foods. I have come up with some pretty good recipes on the fly that are Whole30 compliant. I have a slight craving for something crunchy. And not raw veggie crunchy. Like chips, crackers, pretzels crunchy. I am concurrently running a challenge group focusing on reading Made to Crave by Lisa Terkheurst which is focusing on beating the cravings through prayer. I have been able to keep the cravings at bay by using these tactics and chugging a bunch of water.

I have found a great alternative to my normal creamer. A friend recommended Nutpods and I made an impulse buy. I am super excited about them. So far, I really like them as an alternative. I can still enjoy my coffee with a little flavor in the mornings and know I am not cheating.


Aside from that, I have been drinking my Shakeology religiously. Yes, I know it isn’t compliant, but I don’t really care. I don’t see how fueling my body with the best nutrition I can find is a bad thing, so I will keep drinking it. I do not add milk to it. Only ice, water and whatever fruit I feel like adding.

I unintentionally cheated once. I was sick last week and was super tired with a sore throat. I had some tea with honey, completely forgetting that honey is not allowed. Oops! It did make my throat feel better though and I have made the mental note… no honey!

So there it is. Day 5 of the Half30 and I am doing great, feeling good and looking forward to seeing how I look and feel at the end of the 30 days!

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