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Why I’m Doing the Whole30… Again.

Well, here we are. Its been 3 and a half weeks since I ended the Ultimate Reset. I was thrilled with the end results of the Reset and was hopeful that I would be able to go back to my normal diet and continue on my weight loss path. However, that has not been the case. While I have only gained a pound give or take, I know that I am not eating as well and I am not feeling as good as I was while on the Reset. I miss the structure. I miss the restrictions. I miss the way I felt.

A lot of people asked me about the differences between the Ultimate Reset and Whole30. The Ultimate Reset transitions you to a Vegan diet and includes supplements to help your system reset itself. The Whole30 cuts out certain food categories (sugars, grains, legumes, alcohol and dairy), but does not include any supplements. In all honesty, the meal plans are extremely similar. The main difference is that Whole30 includes meat, where you exclude meat in the 3rd week of the Reset. The Whole30 is more reasonable for me and my lifestyle in that fact alone.

I have attempted the Whole30 twice before. I made it 2 weeks the first time and then about a week the second. I don’t think I was in the right mindset either of the other times I tried. This time around, I am looking forward to the structure this time. I am looking forward to how I felt with the Reset. This is a lifestyle I can maintain. I mean, I’m most certainly adding alcohol and peanut butter back into my diet once I am done, but the rest of it is doable 95% of the time.

Here’s the one thing I will NOT give up during my Whole30 journey – my Shakeology. It is totally natural and a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals. The reason it is not Whole30 compliant is because of the whey protein and stevia. Even the Vegan Shakeology has stevia, so it still wouldn’t be compliant.

Why are so many Team Beachbody coaches doing the Whole30? Because of the challenge. Because they all want to be healthy. Because they want to know about all of the options out there. Because they need to switch up their diet from time to time too. Because they see how good it makes other people feel. Because you are only supposed to do the Ultimate Reset a maximum of every 6 months and ideally once a year.

I’m super excited to start on this journey again and win this time. I am starting tomorrow. Crazy right? But I know the plan. I know what I can and can’t have. Plus, I want to be done before our annual St. Patrick’s Day party. I’m gonna be ready for a drink! I will end the day before the party. I’ll be pairing this with my Made to Crave Challenge group starting on Monday, so I will have lots of support during the process.

While I will miss my occasional glass of wine and spoonfuls of peanut butter, let me tell you what I won’t miss. I won’t miss the bloating. I won’t miss the dread of getting on the scale (that is also something you have to give up for the 30 days of the program). I won’t miss not fitting into my favorite jeans. I won’t miss hangovers. I won’t miss feeling icky.

Here’s to the next 30 days! I will give progress reports along the way. I hope you will check back to find out how it is going!

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