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Status Update: Half30 Week 2

Let me just start off this post by saying that I was really doing well with this plan. I have been fighting cravings like a champ – mostly because of my Made to Crave challenge and the accountability of that group. I stuck to it all week. I was feeling great. I made some delicious Whole30 taco soup and my dinners were all on point. I made this salmon that was A-FREAKING-MAZING. I have a really hard time cooking salmon, so I was pretty proud of myself.

Then, my mom came in town this weekend. I stuck to it really well until I had 2 small glasses of wine Friday night. When I say small, I mean they were probably only about 3 ounces each. So a little more than a normal pour total. Still, not on plan. Saturday came and I was back in action. When we made dinner, my mom pulled out the cheese and crackers. I did limit what I ate, but I did have some. And another glass of wine. Sunday morning came and my mom decided to make pancakes for breakfast. Whomp, whomp. Let’s just say that I wasn’t perfect this weekend. Mom’s a bad influence. Ha! However, in terms of what I would have done previously, I ate in proper portions and most was healthy. I’m not going to beat myself up. I’m just getting back on track.

This journey for me isn’t about a diet. It isn’t about depriving myself. I am honestly trying to see how I feel when I eliminate certain foods. I have been struggling with a lot of issues and I would really like to figure out the cause. I was sure to take note of how I felt after eating those certain foods this weekend. I didn’t notice a huge change, but I will go back to eliminating them so I can test them out again later.

I really think this journey is about finding out what works best for YOU. Workouts, diets, etc. aren’t going to work unless you find something you like and truly works for you. The same things won’t work for everyone. Personally, I don’t believe in completely depriving yourself of the things you love. When you are working toward a goal, skipping the booze, extra carbs and [insert your favorite junk foods] works and will help you get to your goal faster. I think it is important to learn to incorporate that back into your life once you reach that goal, if you choose and in moderation.

I’m going to make it through this week with no cheats, even though I am going out for brunch on Sunday. Because I need to for me and because my bikini body ain’t gonna come out in time for Punta Cana if I don’t get my shit together. Now I’m off to work on my March Madness challenge group starting on March 13. Everyone loves a little healthy competition and I need more accountability, obviously.

Interested in the March Madness challenge group? Prizes at each round for those moving on 😉 Complete the form below and I’ll get info to you ASAP!

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