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Pumpkins + Planks – a Free Download with Pumpkin Recipes and a 2 Week Plank Challenge!

We are in full pumpkin season, friend! The patches, the spiced lattes, all the decor + pumpkin treats – I am so here for it! But, I know that spending money on pumpkin goodies each week isn’t great for my budget or that toned tummy I’ve worked so hard for. So I pulled together a fun challenge + recipe guide to upgrade your pumpkin session – a Planks + Pumpkin Challenge!

First, take a look at some pumpkin recipes from my fit community’s online recipe library – clean ingredients, whole foods, and pumpkin fixes you can feel great about! Then, flip to the last page of the PDF for a two-week plank challenge. Commit to your plank form each day for the next 14 days and see your stamina + strength grow!

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