Clean Eating Workshop: Day 1

I am so excited that you have decided to follow my 30-Day Clean Eating workshop!! Today is the first day and we are going to make small changes each day so you learn how to eat clean and how to make the right choices to fuel your body. I expect you will have questions along the way, so please do not hesitate to post questions in the comments and let me know how things are going each day. Each day, you can expect a new recipe, daily tips and answers to your questions.

I know you have a TON of questions. Do not worry about knowing everything off the bat. We are going to learn a bit each day so you do not get overwhelmed with all of the “rules.” By next week, you should know all of the basics and will really be off and running! The first rule of clean eating is to cut out processed foods. Take a look at the ingredients list before you buy it. If you cannot read/pronounce the ingredients, it isn’t clean!! The best way to avoid these things is for you to make your own foods with fresh ingredients. That is exactly why I am giving you recipes every day during this group 🙂

Recipe of the Day:

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