What is Nutrition+? Whether you are following the Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset - our 2 premium nutrition programs that are included with your purchase of an #mbf Challenge or Completion Pack - Nutrition+ is designed to help you stay motivated and on-track to reaching your goals! You’ll get access to our nutrition experts,… Continue reading Nutrition+

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The 2B Mindset is HERE!

It's finally here! The 2B Mindset is A New Approach To Nutrition! On May 2nd, Beachbody launched a new approach to nutrition. This is something that has been in the works for a very long period of time and it will be the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle for so many who have… Continue reading The 2B Mindset is HERE!

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How I Plan to Crush the Holidays

Happy Monday everyone! I am so sad to see the summer officially go, but happy the weather is sticking around a little! I love this weather! But you know what I don't love about the summer? It always ends up being my "bulking" period. Yeah... Picnics, parties, driveway beverages... Too much indulgence, not enough balance.… Continue reading How I Plan to Crush the Holidays

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Clean Eating Workshop: Day 14

Make sure you have a day designated to getting your mind ready for the next week. My day is Monday because I work from home and can go to the store when it is quiet. Most people choose Sunday because it is the last day before the start of the new week. Whatever day it… Continue reading Clean Eating Workshop: Day 14

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Clean Eating Workshop: Day 13

As you battle your way through the weekend, remember this - You are here for a reason. What you were doing or weren't doing is the reason you joined this group! Remember that change is hard. It takes 21 days to develop a new habit. Fight through the urge to splurge, quit, or get frustrated!… Continue reading Clean Eating Workshop: Day 13