Meal Plans

How I Plan to Crush the Holidays

Happy Monday everyone! I am so sad to see the summer officially go, but happy the weather is sticking around a little! I love this weather! But you know what I don’t love about the summer? It always ends up being my “bulking” period. Yeah…

Picnics, parties, driveway beverages… Too much indulgence, not enough balance. So I am excited to see what the fall will bring on my fitness journey.

There is a new program coming out by Autumn Calabrese in January 2018. I, for one, am completely over the moon excited about it. Her programs are always super effective and usually combine the strength training I love with the cardio I hate in a perfect combination. I am sure 80 Day Obsession will be no different. From what I am learning, the workouts are intense and not for beginners. There is also a twist to the normal Portion Fix container meal plan system. I am very curious to see how this way of eating will benefit me and my results. I won’t go into details simply because I don’t know all of the details exactly and I don’t want to be spreading any rumors 😉

After talking to one of my fellow coaches who is in the test group for this program, she said that Autumn recommended that anyone interested in the 80 Day Obsession start building up for the program now starting with the 21 Day Fix, moving to Hammer & Chisel and then finally 21 Day Fix Extreme. So that’s exactly what I plan to do. Now, I am a bit further along in my fitness journey and could probably roll straight into 80 Day Obsession, but I want to experience it exactly how potential challengers would. I can only help people if I know what they are going through!

Today is day 1 of this plan and I am so excited to get back on track with my diet and meal plan and to get back to these effective 30 minute workouts. I figured I would include my meal plan for the week to help anyone who is struggling with their meal plans or prepping ahead of time.

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